This app is will help connect you to professional boosters for the top competitive video games such an Apex Legends, League of Legends, and more. It offers many different ways to increase your status in these video games.

Apex Legends Boost

We will help you level up and take your account to new places. Reach the rank you've always wanted, and get exclusive in-game cosmetic items to show off to your friends. Players that receive services like our Apex Legends boosting or Elo Boosting end up doing better because the skill level of their competition rises.

Customize your boost in any way you see fit. If you want to boost your kills or wins in a game, then you also have full control over how it is done. Choose the Legend, Champion, or Hero for your boost. Even choose the gear or weapons you would like your booster to use during your boost.

Become the envy of all your friends by getting the most difficult achievement badges on your Legend. Our boosting services make it easy to rank up or complete any achievement you need.


This app lets you boost your account and achieve your gaming goals. Get to the next level or rank with ease. We will pair you with a professional booster. These players will rapidly boost your account, and you can choose how you want it done.

The classic rank boost is a popular option. In this, we can boost your MMR or Division, and help you play against better players in the matchmaking system. We can bring you out of Elo hell and help you achieve your goals.

We also offer services to get specific types of boosts. For example, our Apex Legends boosting has four different offerings. You can get achievement badges that you can show off to your friends. Some of these achievements are extremely hard to earn, but the badges are always worth it. Every good player has a large collection of the most sought after badges, so it's a great idea to get your Apex Legends badge boost.

If you want wins or kills, we also do that type of boosting as well. We give you the tools to customize your boost in any kind of way you want. Choose the Legend, Champion, or Hero for your boost. Even choose the gear or weapons you would like your booster to use during your boost. If you want to get kills on your ARs or SMGs, just specify that and we will use a booster who specializes in the particular Legend or Champion of your choice.

Getting started is easy when you send in a boost request for games like Apex Legends or League. Once matched, it is as simple as sititng back and relaxing as your account is taken to new heights. We are the quickest and most reliable way to get a boost.

Our boosters are some of the best in the world. They can rapidly win games, get kills, or earn an achievement on your account. Not only are they competitive in e-Sports and other competitions, they do boosting as well. They are ruthless when in comes to winning games, so boosts get done quick.

Become a legend today with our app.


• Instant Matching with your Booster
• Years of Boosting Experience
• 100% Guaranteed Boost Completion
• Safe and VPN Protected


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